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Bamboo Towelling Onesies!

Bamboo Towelling Onesies!

Bamboo Towelling

Thin and lightweight, our Bamboo Towelling is perfect for the warmer, Summer months.

Made from the highly sustainable Bamboo plant, our strong and absorbent Bamboo Towelling can be worn directly onto skin without causing irritation.

Bamboo is also able to retain it’s antibacterial qualities that  help to reduce the bacteria that live on our clothing, despite repeated washing. It also has great insulating properties keeping you warm in the winter and cooler in the summertime!

We have 5 different patterns in our Bamboo Towelling Collection that you can mix and match to create a range of unique designs.

Bamboo Towelling Swatches

You can start creating your own Bamboo Towelling Onesie on our Website.

Just click 'Customise this Onesie' to begin designing your onesie on our Builder and make this design totally unique to you by changing fabrics, features and add on's.
You can also add personalisation for that extra personal touch.

Bamboo Towelling Onesie

You can order your very own Bamboo Towelling Fabric Pack if you'd like to see our fabrics before ordering. Just email and let us know the best address to send them to!