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How To: Create-your-Own Offcut Coasters!

How To: Create-your-Own Offcut Coasters!



It's summertime, and we love nothing more than sitting out enjoying a refreshing drink in the garden with friends and family. Whether your'e hosting a BBQ, or just enjoying a quiet lunch out in the sun, you can dress up your table by adding these gorgeous Citrus Coaster we found on Pinterest!
They're so easy to make, just follow these easy step-by-step instructions and you'll have a tutti fruity table in no time!

1. Purchase your bag of offcuts from The All-in-One Company. We keep all of our Onesie offcuts so you can make your very own creations at home. Each bag is filled with a range of fabrics in different colours, patterns and thicknesses, so you're coasters will be creatively unique. Our offcuts come in a range of different sized bags from small, medium and large.

2. Download our Citrus Coaster template by clicking the link  -  Citrus Coaster Template The All-in-One Company.

3. Cut out your fabric shapes using scissors.

citrus coaster step 2

4. Lay out your design, and begin to carefully sew together the pater pieces. (To make it a little easier, try pinning the pieces into place before sewing).

citrus coaster 3

5. Voilà! You're coaster is complete! Try mixing and matching different colours to create a range of vibrant summer designs.

Coaster final