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Teen Now Magazine and Union J - Onesie-off?

Teen Now Magazine and Union J - Onesie-off?


Teen Now Mag jump on the Union J Monkey Onesie Band-Wagon

We are absolutely loving Teen Now Magazine, it's fab! If you haven't already been to your local newsagents and bought the latest edition then what are you waiting for, nip along now (well, after reading this fab news!)

The Union J boys feature in this months edition wearing their original monkey onesies.  You can order you very own hand-made copy of the originals, click through to our Union J Monkey Onesie Collection.

On wednesday we annouced that George had been working with our lovely Rachel on designing the latest Union J Monkey One Collection that will be appearing in their next twit cam.

Teen Now Magazine then tweeted Union J back to their fab tweet, saying:

'@UnionJworld @Rach_AllinOneCo @TheAllinOneCo Oooooh we're getting ours very soon too - let's have a Onesie-off! :D'

We would LOVE to see a onesie-off guys!

We have followed the Union J story from the beginning.  Chocolates, vanillas and fawns with our scandinavian snuggles (brown) made up the original monkey onesies, and we are sworn to secrecy on the design of the new collection.  We can tell you that they will be available to order very soon, but we advise you get your order placed very quickly, we don't want any of you to miss out.

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