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Preparation Plan - ONESIE - night out heaven for my friend and I

Preparation Plan - ONESIE - night out heaven for my friend and I

Onesie Warmth

I wore Jodie Marsh Pink Onesie (candyfloss, raspberry pink and marshmallow).  Rachel wore vanilla and scandinavian snuggles (brown)

So, on a girly night out you run through the standard checklist... keys, I.D, money, LIPGLOSS (very very important) phone, onesie....... YES, you did read correctly...ONESIE!

My friend and I (who is also called Rachel) got all dressed up to go out for a few cocktails on Saturday evening.  Lovely glam black dress, sky-high shoes, red lips.. I think you get the idea... but most importantly, we both took one of my onesies each!  'To wear on a night out???'... I can imagine you're thinking.  No no, we left our snuggletastically cosy onesies in the car, so when we returned for the journey home we could change immediately into these cosy delights and out of our, not so cosy, dresses.


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