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The Onesie: In the Office...Out to Play....

The Onesie: In the Office...Out to Play....

Onesie wearing antics Indoors Outdoors, Highland Fling

I woke up this morning thinking it would be like every other monday morning... I get to work and put on my highland fling all-in-one, snuggle into my seat and start catching up on everyones onesie wearing antics over the weekend.  Greeted with delightful tweets from the Dancing on Ice Celebs and Skaters and emails from lovely customers thanking us for their snuggletastic onesies, I couldn't be cosier I thought.

By 10 am I removed my eyes from my computer screen and saw it had actually been snowing a storm, the ground was white, the windows were coated, I'd been oblivious to the fact that a winter wonderland was being created.

Remembering I wasn't in normal office attire and that I did infact have my snuggly all-in-one on, I ran outside, dived into the snow and started to make snow angels.  Couldn't do that in a pencil dress could you?

With the weather forecast suggesting it's here to stay, start designing your bespoke all-in-one today.

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