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Taking a look over the last year..

Taking a look over the last year..

What a great year it’s been, let’s take a look back,  

Of the celebs that have joined The-All-in-One Pack.


At the beginning of the year Celeb BB hit our screens,

Denise Welch and Romeo sporting our greens.


From adults to children, how cute can they be,

Our Monkey’s and Tiger’s featuring on  TV.

In the latest Dulux advert, the children in costume,

Playing around in their new jungle room.


The giveaway prize on an ALL STAR Game Show,

‘Our survey says’ , Come on you will know?

Members of your loved ones all gather to play,

Family Fortunes of course, with the lovely Vernon Kay.


Big Brother series 13 saw an arrange of guests,

Carrying out tasks in their onesie bests.

Who would win, green or blue?

This awful task, involved their head down the loo.


2012 a new year for Pete,

Spot him posing, doesn’t he look sweet.

The launch of a show, exciting and new,

Peter Andre’s Bad Boyfriend Club on ITV 2.


We sent him our Blue Stars to lounge about on set,

Doesn’t he look cosy, too comfortable I bet.

Capital FM a Hit Music Radio Show,

Who other than Bodg, Matt and Jojo?


The breakfast show on 105/6

Monkey’s and army thrown in the mix.

London 2012, proud host of the Olympics,

footballers, runners, gymnastics,

swimmers and divers, a certain one in fact,

the gorgeous Mr Daley wearing his Union Jack.


Not forgetting the inspiring and lovely Gemma Gibbons,

Wearing our Grey/white big polka dot instead of ribbons,

winning a silver medal with a broken thumb,

An applause is needed and a roll of a drum.


Waterloo Road Fans, brace yourself next,

‘Denzil Kelly’  or the lovely Reece Douglass.

Pale blue cuddle with red dino spikes,

He should wear it to school and hang out by the bikes.


Wearing a onesie and looking so reem,

on dry ski slope, it’s the place to be seen.

Bobby from TOWIE, are you well jel?

It’s just such a shame he can’t ski so well.


Spotted in Reveal wearing his onesie to lunch,

Laughing and carrying on, proud as punch.

Bobby loved it so much he designed another,

Rainbows, lots of spots, oh dear mother.

A bright combination, but a great one at that,

All that’s missing is a bright clowns hat.


Peter Andre’s My Life, the kids are so sweet,

Princess in her pink ponies, with detachable feet

Harvey and Junior, we gifted them too,

Green and red, orange and blue.


Russell Kane seen monkeying around,

Going bananas to his crowd.

Live at the Electric doing a sketch,

Comedy gold entertainment, it’s what he does best.


After driving the journey from London to Home,

Capital’s Anna Harding picked up the phone,

and asked for something that was lovely to snuggle

Her onesie of course, in Snow Leopard Cuddle.


Halloween was approaching, whose tweet did we receive?

Radio one’s Edith Bowman, asking us to relieve,

The stress of costumes for her lovely family,

Max suits they all wore and went as a 3.


We absolutely loved this year’s Children in Need?

Some great fundraising activities, I’m sure you’ll agree.

We donated 63 onesies for Blue Peter’s World Record,

Of 350 over and under’s, they won the award.

A long line of onesie wearers passing the ball,

Concentrating and being careful not to trip or fall.

The appeal went Nationwide, it was great to see,

lots were involved even the lovely Holly Willougby.

On This Morning Holly wore a ladybird with ears,

It was hot in the press, all laughs and cheers.


For those in the North East who tune in to Metro?

In particular Stu and Kelly’s Saturday morning show.

Across a few weeks, they ran a comp

For you to win a onesie from The-All-in-One-Co

Check out the website those who won #OnesieLove
We can’t wait to see what you can you think of?


2012’s X Factor, well done to James,

This year’s competition was full of big names.

Union J in our onesies, did you all see?

George, Josh, JJ and of course Jaymi.

Monkeying around on the show and Twit Cam,

Trending worldwide, what great fans.

Eatings banana’s, running around

Playing hide and seek until they were found.


That was just this year, and as you can see

We’ve been extremely busy, what will 2013 be?

We are so grateful for your support, a huge thanks from ourselves,

we couldn’t have had a better 2012.

The last message from us, all that’s left to say...

Have a great NYE and a smashing New Year’s Day.


The All-in-One Company