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Union J's Monkey Onesies Trend Worldwide

Union J's Monkey Onesies Trend Worldwide

#2LittleMonkeysJJandGeorge was trending WORLD WIDE on Friday night whilst Union J did their #UnionJTwitCamFridayNight wearing the Monkey all-in-ones we made them.

JJ and George (Phoahhh by the way - so adorable!)  were dared from their fans to race around the hotel, eat bananas, play hide and seek...all whilst wearing their Monkey onesies.

Click here To watch JJ and George on their twit cam.

Union J are through the The X Factor Semi-Finals, we can't wait to see their performances on Saturday.

To be exactly like George, JJ,Josh and Jaymi (yes we have all 4 designs!) click to order their Monkey Onesies right now.