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All in One Company supports local business

All in One Company supports local business

Like most manufacturing businesses we end up with leftover materials once we have created your personalised onesies. As responsible corporate citizens we were looking for a good way of disposing of these off-cuts. Ideally we wanted an environmentally friendly solution that also had a positive impact on our local community.

We then came across a company called Pots and Pancakes, an award winning paint your own pottery cafe in North Shields, near Newcastle, that had featured on BBC’s Dragon’s Den & Create & Craft TV. They offered the perfect solution, putting our unwanted but wonderful fabrics to good use.

So Pots and Pancakes have been able to take our off-cuts and use them in their craft classes to make rugs, mats, and other craft projects. We love the idea that we have reduced our waste and provided a benefit to one of our neighbours, and we look forward to seeing some really creative results from Pots & Pancakes!

Pictured below is a selection of the creations produced by Pots and Pancakes. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank them for their twitter mentions, also shown below.