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Jodie Marsh loves onesies from the All in One Company

Jodie Marsh loves onesies from the All in One Company

JODIE Marsh has turned to Twitter to tell the world, well her followers at least, how pleased she is with all 3 of her onesies!

Pictured below, Jodie has asked her followers to comment on their favourite onesie. We think they all look great and that Jodie is doing a fantastic job modelling them!

Here's a quick summary of her tweets to date:

"Oh yes! Look what arrived today! My onesie's! These are amazing. Best comfort wear ever from"

"How cool is this onesie? I have three! Will post pics of all of them! From I'm in love "

"And I got a pink one from not sure which is my fav yet x x"

"And they're all personalised hehe. #whynot #itslikechristmashere"

"American onesie I love it!!!! Which is your fav? Pink, grey or American? From"

"The American! I am in love with this!! Hehe. Amazing From"

We're loving the pictures and are sure Jodie will continue to enjoy her snuggletastic suits!

Jodie Marsh in her All in One Sleepsuit
Jodie Marsh in her onesies

Please feel free to get in touch and tell us how much you love your onesie and why you chose a particular design!