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Our fantastic onesies make it to Antarctica

Our fantastic onesies make it to Antarctica

What's the best present you can think of when the temperature hits -20 degrees? For one Antarctic doctor we know it's a fantastic all-in-one onesie!

Alex Merkle, a researcher deploying to Antarctica was given a colourful, cuddly onesie by his forward thinking wife to keep him warm in the harsh conditions. Not only a great gift to cheer up the time away but warm as well!... which is important as Alex is part of a team attempting to drill through a glacier to place an instrument package, the location of which means he is living in an igloo during his stay!

Alex said “I thank my onesie every night for keeping me warm.  Thanks for a great product!”. We love to hear stories where people enjoy their onesies because they are practical as well as fun and we're super excited to see them as far away as Antarctica! Let us know how you get on during your time away Alex!

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