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Our Products

Our Products


Our Hoodsie is a hoodie and bottoms all-in-onesie. For chilling, for working, for playing.. the choice is yours! Complete with front pockets and a choice of a high neck collar or a hood, adding ears for that extra element of eccentricity.


These aren't just any ordinary slippers! You can design you very own pair of Bootsies - from the soft, snuggly inside, to the fabric on the outside.


Snuggle up in our cosy cuddly blankets, choosing from a range of different beautiful fleeces. Create-your-Own and Personalise with a name or phrase.

Pet Blanket

Your pet blanket can be embroidered with a personal message or your pet's name. They are handmade with love in Northumberland. Made of soft anti-pil high quality fleece that is easy to wash and dry at low temperatures. Personalise your pet blanket with a special name or phrase!


Give the gift of Create-your-Own

Fleece Offcuts

Fleece Offcuts for Arts, Crafts, Proggy Mat Making - Show us what you create.

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  1. Mens CYO® Short Bootsies

    Mens CYO® Short Bootsies

  2. Child Hoodsie

    Child Hoodsie

  3. Womens Hoodie and Bottoms

    Womens Hoodie and Bottoms

  4. Mens Hoodsie

    Mens Hoodsie

  5. Womens Hoodsie

    Womens Hoodsie

  6. Womens CYO® Short Bootsies

    Womens CYO® Short Bootsies

  7. Childs CYO Short Bootsies

    Childs CYO Short Bootsies

  8. Childrens Hoodie and Bottoms

    Childrens Hoodie and Bottoms

  9. Mens Bottoms

    Mens Bottoms

  10. Mens Hoodie and Bottoms

    Mens Hoodie and Bottoms

  11. Cuddle Fleece Large Bag

    Cuddle Fleece Large Bag

  12. Cuddle Fleece Medium Bag

    Cuddle Fleece Medium Bag

  13. Cuddle Fleece Small Bag

    Cuddle Fleece Small Bag

  14. Mens CYO® Tall Bootsies

    Mens CYO® Tall Bootsies

  15. CYO® Blanket (150x200cm)

    CYO® Blanket (150x200cm)

  16. CYO® Blanket (120x170cm)

    CYO® Blanket (120x170cm)

  17. CYO® Blanket (100x150cm)

    CYO® Blanket (100x150cm)

  18. CYO® Blanket (75x100cm)

    CYO® Blanket (75x100cm)

  19. Womens CYO® Tall Bootsies

    Womens CYO® Tall Bootsies

  20. Childs Tall Bootsies

    Childs Tall Bootsies

  21. All In One eVoucher

    All In One eVoucher

    From £10.00
  22. CYO® Cushion Cover

    CYO® Cushion Cover

  23. CYO® Pyjama Case

    CYO® Pyjama Case

  24. Womens Bottoms

    Womens Bottoms

  25. Short Onesie for Women

    Short Onesie for Women

  26. CYO Sleep Bag for Children

    CYO Sleep Bag for Children

  27. CYO Sleep Bag for Women

    CYO Sleep Bag for Women

  28. CYO Sleep Bag for Men

    CYO Sleep Bag for Men


30 Items

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