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Plain Fabrics:

Micro Fleece - lightweight fleece

Black (Micro Fleece) Vanilla (Micro Fleece) Navy (Micro Fleece) Red (Micro Fleece) White (Micro Fleece)

Polar Fleece - regular fleece

Raspberry Pink (Polar Fleece) Candy Floss (Polar Fleece) Marshmallow (Polar Fleece) Lilac (Polar Fleece) White (Polar Fleece) Vanilla (Polar Fleece) Aqua (Polar Fleece) Smoke Grey (Polar Fleece) Black (Polar Fleece) Navy (Polar Fleece) Red Chilli (Polar Fleece) Royal Blue (Polar Fleece) Bear Cub (Polar Fleece) Cranberry (Polar Fleece) Little Pickle (Polar Fleece) Lime Green (Polar Fleece) Emerald Green (Polar Fleece) Chocolate Muffin (Polar Fleece) Kiwi (Polar Fleece) Yellow Mango (Polar Fleece) Orange (Polar Fleece) Soft Caramel (Polar Fleece) Vintage Denim (Polar Fleece) Dove Grey (Polar Fleece) Purple Rain (Polar Fleece) Baby Blue (Polar Fleece) Lemon (Polar Fleece) Jade (Polar Fleece)

Patterned Fabrics:

Micro Fleece - lightweight fleece

Mini Dot Sea Blue (Micro Fleece) Star - Blue (Micro Fleece) Mini Dot Sage (Micro fleece) Candy Cane Hearts (Micro Fleece) Mini Dot Plum (Micro Fleece) Star - Plum (Micro Fleece) Mini Dot Teal (Micro Fleece) Yacht Captain (Micro Fleece) Beetle Juice (Micro Fleece)

Polar Fleece - regular fleece

Camouflage - Traditional (Polar Fleece) Polka dot red/white (Polar Fleece) Tartan - Royal Stewart (Polar Fleece) Polka Dot Blue/white (Polar Fleece) Polka Dot Pink/white (Polar Fleece) Tiger Cub (Polar Fleece) Zebra (Polar Fleece) Lady Bird (Polar Fleece) Skulls - Shiver me Timbers (Polar Fleece) Skulls - Jolly Roger (Polar Fleece) Camouflage - Arctic (Polar Fleece) Camouflage - Urban (Polar Fleece) Leopard - New (Polar Fleece) Leopard - Exotic (Polar Fleece) Big Spot Polka Dot Pink/White (Polar Fleece) Paws - Chocolate (Polar Fleece) Wild Cat (Polar Fleece) Forest Trail (Polar Fleece) Big Spot Polka Dot Navy/White (Polar Fleece) Big Spot Polka Dot Grey/White (Polar Fleece) Lots of Spots (Polar Fleece) Scandinavian Snuggles (Red) (Polar Fleece) Gone Bananas (Polar Fleece) Cheeky Monkey Blue (Polar Fleece) Cheeky Monkey Red (Polar Fleece) Leopard -Shades of Grey (Polar Fleece) Leopard - Stone (Polar Fleece) Bengal Cat (Polar Fleece) Camouflage - Jungle (Polar Fleece) Skulls - Skelebogs (Polar Fleece) Camouflage - City (Polar Fleece) Camouflage - Down Town (Polar Fleece) Camouflage - Hip Hop (Polar Fleece) Camouflage - Street (Polar Fleece) Heart Purple (Polar Fleece) Star Fawn (Polar Fleece) Heart Fawn (Polar Fleece) Heart Red (Polar Fleece) Yachts (Polar Fleece) Skull and Crossbones (Polar Fleece) Giraffe (Polar Fleece) Smarties Cream (Polar Fleece) Black Watch Tartan (Polar Fleece) Retro Spot (Polar Fleece) Camouflage - Desert (Polar Fleece) Lots of Spots - Grey (Polar Fleece) Zebra - Pink (Polar Fleece) Zebra - Orange (Polar Fleece) Zebra - Yellow (Polar Fleece) Tartan - Red (Polar Fleece) Tartan - Blue (Polar Fleece) Tartan - Fawn (Polar Fleece) Tartan - Cerise (Polar Fleece) Winter Check (Polar Fleece) Big Spot Polka Dot Green/White (Polar Fleece) Big Spot Polka Dot Powder Blue/White (Polar Fleece) Big Spot Polka Dot Black/White (Polar Fleece) Heart Aqua (Polar Fleece) Heart Lime (Polar Fleece) Heart Black (Polar Fleece) Star Lime (Polar Fleece) Polka Dot Red/Orange (Polar Fleece)

Fleeced Fabrics:

Cuddle Fleece - thickest, softest fluffiest fleece

Fluffy Bear Cub (cuddle fleece) Black (cuddle fleece) Choccy Heaven (cuddle fleece) Charcoal (Cuddle Fleece) Cream (Cuddle Fleece) Fawn (Cuddle Fleece) Chocolate (Cuddle Fleece) Spearmint (Cuddle Fleece) Teal (Cuddle Fleece) Green (Cuddle Fleece) Buttercup (Cuddle Fleece) Orange (Cuddle Fleece) Scarlett (Cuddle Fleece) Cobalt Blue (Cuddle Fleece) Light Grey (Cuddle Fleece) Light Blue (Cuddle Fleece) Light Pink (Cuddle Fleece) Blue Steel (Cuddle Fleece) Dark Pink (Cuddle Fleece) Purple-Licious (Cuddle Fleece) White (Cuddle Fleece)

Medium Cuddle Fleece - soft and fluffy on both sides

Snow Leopard (Medium Weight Cuddle) Zebra (medium weight cuddle) Love n Hugs (Medium Weight Cuddle) Arctic Cat (Medium Weight Cuddle) Hoot Red (Medium Weight Cuddle) Sparkle White (Medium Weight Cuddle) Twit Twoo (Medium Weight Cuddle) Hoot Brown (Medium Weight Cuddle) Elefun Blue (Medium Weight Cuddle) Paddy Paws Pink (Medium Weight Cuddle) Star Burst White (Medium Weight Cuddle) Star Burst Cerise (Medium Weight Cuddle) Love Heart White (Medium Weight Cuddle) Bear Essentials Pink (Medium Weight Cuddle) Elefun Pink (Medium Weight Cuddle) Love Hearts Blue (Medium Weight Cuddle) Star Burst Blue (Medium Weight Cuddle) Bear Essentials Blue (Medium Weight Cuddle) Love Hearts Pink (Medium Weight Cuddle) Sparkle Blue (Medium Weight Cuddle) Hoot Teal (Medium Weight Cuddle) Giraffe (Medium Weight Cuddle) Clown Fish Lime (Medium Weight Cuddle) Clown Fish Aqua (Medium Weight Cuddle) Clown Fish Pink (Medium Weight Cuddle) Clown Fish Cream (Medium Weight Cuddle) Cuddle Paws Grey/Cerise (Medium Weight Cuddle) Cuddle Paws Pink/Blue (Medium Weight Cuddle) Finger Painting (Medium Weight Cuddle) Baa Baa Ivory Sheep (Medium Weight Cuddle) Super Soft Owls - Chocolate (Medium Weight Cuddle) Dalmatian Spot (Medium Weight Cuddle) Super Soft Candy Pink (Medium Weight Cuddle) Super Soft Sky (Medium Weight Cuddle) Super Soft Ecru (Medium Weight Cuddle) Super Soft Victoria Plum (Medium Weight Cuddle) Super Soft Navy Blue (Medium Weight Cuddle) Super Soft Turquoise (Medium Weight Cuddle) Super Soft Puppy Paws (Medium Weight Cuddle) Cuddle Paws Beige/Black (Medium Weight Cuddle) Big Baby (Medium Weight Cuddle) Dalmatian Puppy (Medium Weight Cuddle) Super Soft Owls - Bottle Green (Medium Weight Cuddle) Three-tone Pink (Medium Weight Cuddle) Three-tone Wine (Medium Weight Cuddle) Three-tone Navy (Medium Weight Cuddle) Three-tone Orange (Medium Weight Cuddle) Valentine (Medium Weight Cuddle) Black and White Cow (Medium Weight Cuddle) Brown and Cream Cow (Medium Weight Cuddle) Hearts - Chocolate (Medium Weight Cuddle) Hearts - Grey (Medium Weight Cuddle) Super Soft Polka Dot Chocolate/Aqua (Medium Weight Cuddle) Cupcakes - Chocolate (Medium Weight Cuddle) Panda Bear (Medium Weight Cuddle) Super Soft Leopard - Brown (Medium Weight Cuddle) Super Soft Leopard - Pink (Medium Weight Cuddle) Super Soft Leopard - Purple (Medium Weight Cuddle)

Lambskin Fleece - textured outer, woven inner

Cream (Lambskin) Fawn (Lambskin)

Towelling Plain:

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Fur Fabrics:

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