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March 2nd, 2017

every onesie tells a story 2

Earlier this month, we launched our Every Onesie Tells a Story Competition.

We asked for the stories behind your Onesies, whether it was the story behind your design, or even the adventures you get up too.

Bringing tears to our eyes, but joy to our hearts, the winner of our Competition told us a very personal and heart warming story…

It’s an honour to be a part of your stories and this one is a story we will never forget…

‘As you will see it is a very personal story and to be honest, i don’t have it in me to make a picture of myself in the onesie … but i think you will understand why when you read the story…

this is the true (though heavily fairy-tale-ized) story of how my wife got divorced, found me, how we lived and how she died 11-02-17.


onesie story

‘Once upon a time, there was the perfect mother. Perfect as she was, she had two perfect children. The only problem was, she did not have a pefect husband, as he didn’t like onesies. 

and more, but for this story the not-liking-onesies is the only important thing 😉

But, low and behold came the much younger wicked witch of the south,

and she ensnared the husband with promises of eternal youth,

and snatched him away to her lair in the southern wilderness…

Sad and lonely, the perfect mother started a new life in a new home, and life was almost perfect. then, on a warm summer’s day, as she looked out her window, she saw a small, skinny, broken little thing of a man…

a shadow of a man he was, a life of pain, sadness and rejection lay behind him and a great loneliness was slowly tearing at his heart..

and she took the man with her to her almost perfect home and took it under her perfect, motherly wings and sure enough, slowly but steadily the broken little thing grew into a man she could truly love.

for a while, life was perfect. for the perfect mother, the perfect children, and the broken man who was no longer broken and together they thrived…

then, one day, as the winds turned from the north, a foul wind got hold of the perfect mother and put in her a great sickness that could have easily taken her life.

but, the now perfect family banded together, locked themselves up in the perfect home they had built for themselves and fought the sickness with their courage, strength, and love for eachother and after three years the sickness was eradicated.

slowly but surely the family emerged from the home… the perfect mother went back to what she did best: being a mother to all, bringing postive thoughts to friends, relatives, co workers, yes, even the people in the shops and on the streets that she met.

The perfect children went on growing perfectly and grew into perfect young men with big hearts and kind thoughts.

The man became a stay-at-home dad, and did all the chores that needed to be done, he cooked and cleaned, went shopping and for the rest of the time was always close to one or all of them… 

oh… did i mention the man loved a perfect onesie? the perfect gentle warm enclosure for his not-so-perfect worn out body? it took him years of trying to find them, he even went so far as to try to create them himself… ‘t was the only imperfection in their perfect lives…

then, on a warm summer’s day… the perfect mother heard of a place, far away to the west, across the great sea… a place so far away it lived in another time… in that placed lived the good fairy of warmth and snuggleness and she, yes, she knew how to make the perfect onesie that would perfectly and gently enshroud that not-so-perfect body of the man.

so the perfect mother sent the good fairy a perfect note about a perfect onesie for her man to show him her love for him, and behold, from so far away came the perfect onesie… the perfect gift.

a little while later the man sent his own note to the good fairy, and another onesie found its way to the perfect home.

but, life would not be life if there weren’t unhappy times every now and then and the perfect mother had a perfectly stupid accident that left her temporarily crippled and virtually helpless.

as always, the man did the right thing and he took care of her as best he could, even though sometimes it was hard on him and very tiring..

to thank him, the perfect mother sent another note to the good fairy… this time, to ask her to make a perfect onesie for the man to sleep in, to make sure his rest would be perfect and to thank him for his good care and to tell him she loved him.

However, we all know the proverb… all good things come to an end… and to an end it came… some dark unknown deity decided that the perfect life should be over and i one fell swoop he took the perfect mother away from her perfect children and her man and she died within minutes in the arms of her man with her children watching…

a few days after this terrible event, as the man was trying to get to grips with what had happened and his thoughts were filled with panick and fear, the doorbell rang..

‘t was the good fairie’s little elf, bringing the truly perfect sleeping onesie…

a truly perfect onesie that brought tears to the eyes of the man as he realised that this…

this was the last sign of his wife’s love for him. her last act of kindness, her last good deed and he just knew… he could never wear this onesie without thinking of his wife…

and he also knew he would wear it to pieces and sleep in it every night until it would fall apart.

enveloped in her love for him.’

We are so touched by Richards story, and thank him for sharing it with us.

Here at The All-in-One Company, we create more than just Onesies, and we feel honoured to become part of story like Richard’s.

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